Saturday, May 30, 2020


Do we like different creations of nature based on the state of our mind?
Sometimes ruffled look of a waterfall brings tears in my eyes, sometimes it makes me feel peaceful and at times the same bustling look of the waterfall makes me perturbed.

Just a glance at a lake makes me feel serene, the green color of the trees makes my mind feel relaxed. At times I travel distances just to get a glimpse of this splendor and at times I pass by lakes and trees and do not even bother to take a peek at it. Why does the disquiet or the passive form of nature make us feel blissful or dejected?

The water of an aroused river but I can't swim,  Green are the mountains but I can not loll on it, Clear blue skies invite me and I can't fly!

At times I think what is the meaning of life and then I come across some exuberant sight of nature. That makes me feel life is beautiful and even if meaningless it is worth living...

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