Saturday, August 31, 2019


Blogging is a tricky medium. There is no guarantee that your post will be taken in the spirit that it was intended, it can be misunderstood by someone or the other.

I do not share names so there is no way to tell who it is written about or if it really happened (could very well be a figment of imagination). Also, I have had all sorts of experiences sad, bad, ugly, good, ecstatic and whatnot, I have known many vampires/ bullies/hypocrites/gossipmongers/male chauvinist pigs/negative/ beautiful/positive/amazing/ smart/intelligent/ warm/ welcoming/ terrific people. So the opinions expressed here are not based on one person or one thing, it can not be.

If the blogger is being sarcastic some may think they were upset or angry, sharing your opinions on human behavior can turn into debates as people might think you were targeting them if you are making a valid point some will ignore the point and argue about something trivial that was expressed in the post and how it hurt them.

I have learned that no matter how clear, valid and simple we keep the posts there will always be an element of perception and interpretation, which again is subjected to the people who are reading it, their backgrounds, experiences, culture and sometimes their relation to me. I cannot control all this. So I have no option but to continue writing what I believe in. The only thing which is in my control is - I can make sure that the names are never mentioned anywhere, even my immediate family members do not know who I have written about (they have never asked me who the post was about too), there is never a personal vendetta or evil intended against anyone.

This blog is a reflection of my thought process, the opinions expressed here are not necessarily right or wrong, true or false it is simply my perception and interpretation of the world around me.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Five Life Lessons

Five life lessons that I have learned -

1) You can not please everyone.

Personally, I have seen that people have bizarre expectations. A lot of people are hypocrites and someone or the other will always get offended by what you do. Might as well do what makes you feel comfortable, happy and healthy.

2) Actions speak louder than words.

If there is something you wish to do, then do it first and talk about it later. Its always more fun listening to real-stories than the imaginary ones.

3) Life is short.

Great if you are adventurous and into daredevil sports but do not risk others lives because they might not recover from it. Ever! And if you are forced into doing something that you don't feel comfortable doing or don't have the nerve for then be strong enough to say no, doesn't matter if they call you a coward - I have experienced this firsthand, I broke my tailbone just because someone forced me to skate, it took me more than a year to heal from the injury, I had to take painkillers for one whole year otherwise the pain left me in tears each night. I didn't need to skate to show I wasn't a coward, I just needed to trust my intuition and should have said 'go to hell' (or whatever words I use when I am angry) - being aggressive/ vocal and upfront about what we want and do not want to do is much more courageous. Life is short. Do not make it shorter by being foolish.

The above does not apply just for adventures but anything in general. Remember you are an independent person, free citizen of a free nation. You alone are responsible for your health, well being, mental well being, people you want to hang out with or any decisions that you make. People will try to use bad-harsh-unpleasant words, thinking you will be manipulated that way. Let people bark. It doesn't matter. Trust your intuition. Stand up for yourself and if it comes to that then yell, scream make sure that you are heard and there are boundaries that people do not dare to cross.

4) Financial Independence is important.

Until you are dependent upon someone else for your 'survival', you will never truly be your own person.

5) Happiness is a choice.

And that means one needs to choose what we do in our lives, with our time, who do we hang out with, the kind of lifestyle we live - it is all a choice, happiness is a choice.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Our best...

I work out every day for 60 minutes. Aerobics, Weight lifting, Pilates, Yoga, Hiking, Biking, Dance, Kickboxing and whatnot,  still I am not content because I never think I am doing enough. I should be doing more.

I prepare most of my meals. I spend around 60 minutes each day in the kitchen on meal preparations.  I eat simple and fresh food. I eat fruits, nuts for snack time. I also consume all my meals before 7 pm and I follow this successfully 9/10 times, the 10th meal I give up, I end up eating restaurant food, dessert, junk food and such. 9/10 successful meals... and yet I think it is not good enough. I should be doing more. 

While I know this feeling of 'needing to do more' will never go away but again it helps me to push myself and never give up. It helps me to stay motivated. 'Not doing enough' feeling doesn't have to translate into disappointment, it can also be translated into not giving up and pushing ourselves. 

When I started working out (I have been working out ever since I remember), my life was at a different stage. When I started blogging (2006?) it was at a different stage. And today (2019) it is at a different stage. With every stage, the challenges have changed and I am sure you have been through various stages/ phases - good bad and the ugly. But as long as we keep doing 'our best' and continue to focus on getting better, I guess we are doing enough. 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Age Gracefully

Life is like climbing a hill. At one point or the other, we reach the peak and from there onward we either continue walking straight on the plateau for a long time or else we are on your way down the hill.

Exercise every day, make an effort, put in some hard work today, eat simple food, give some priority to your health and then one will reach that plateau.

Age gracefully.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Lead by example

I seldom give any weight to someone's opinion unless I respect them in 'that' particular field. If I like your body - health - mental status then I will listen to your fitness-diet tips. There are people who are double my size  - who have given me diet/ weight suggestions/advice.

It doesn't matter if you hold a doctorate in nutrition/ health or diet. First, prove it to me that you have got it under control in your life and then you shall have my 100% attention :-)...

Don't get me wrong, I love to improve myself, I love pieces of advice but say if my mother gives me advice on weight and diet then I would happily take it because she has been in shape forever, her diet is perfect, ever since I remember I have seen her exercise, and even after having 3 kids she has a flat belly - she holds the credibility to give a piece of advice...

Or I would happily take a piece of advice on behavior and worldly wisdom from my father, he is one of the best people I have known in my life. But if toxic, negative and just bad people start to find faults in anyone/anything, I can not help but wonder why don't they spend that time in introspection.

I think you get the gist...Lead by example...

The world is changed by our example, not by our opinion.