Monday, July 26, 2021

Birth Right

What perplexes me the most is what holds women back from conveying our point of view? Why do we complain about 'unfair treatment' but never make an effort to achieve equality in every relationship?

Is financial independence required to gather courage? Is it even valid to say I earn so treat me as an equal? It is the birthright of every individual of all genders, races, and castes to be treated square.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

3 in Science

One fine day something happened out of nowhere. That something created everything, it is the reason why we exist. I am talking about the big bang.


Was there space before the big bang? Or then the big bang created the space? What exactly is space? Why is it there? What is the shape of the universe? Did it exist at one point of time and then something went wrong, everything collapsed and then the big bang happened again? 


Are there multiple universes? And why not, if it could happen here then it might have happened somewhere else. 


What if none of this had happened or existed ever? how does it make a difference because there is something? What is the purpose of existence?


It is frustrating as humans have so-called 'intelligence' factor, so they want to have a purpose to everything. It is beyond us why would there be something without any goal, aim, purpose or ambition. Also, it bothers us that there is a creation that has no creator, so we want to believe in a creator. Well, that fixes us in an endless loop of what created a creator with conscious?


Would there ever be a time when scientists get closer to the answers? Maybe a billion years from now? Would humans even live that long to find out? 


Reading books related to science genre doesn't answer many of the questions that I have, in fact, many times it leads to having more questions than before. But I would rather die happily with unanswered questions than living a life with no questions or wonder or curiosity about existence. I would also rather read science to gain answers to my questions rather than visiting self-proclaimed enlightened masters who say they know the cosmic truth. Whatever that means. It will take me another post if I start talking about them so I will stick to the topic which is the top 3 books that I highly recommend in the science genre. 


  1. The Sun’s Heartbeat Bob Berman


The Sun will die one day, just like all the other stars do. Ever wonder what will happen when our Sun dies killing everything surrounding it and leaving the beautiful intelligent life that resides in this galaxy go extinct? Would the future 'aliens' ever know that there once lived a Sun that gave birth to such stupendous life forms who invented such extraordinary things like the social media :-) Or the knowledge of all our inventions will die with us?


Our hearts beat because the Sun's heartbeat is still intact. Maybe we will die before the Sun does, because of global warming, wars, population, pollution, maybe an asteroid hits the Earth or maybe we will kill each other before the Sun does in a dispute over the name of 'The Creator', in that case, we can't blame it on the Sun.


The book is about everything one would want to know about our life-giver and the Author's sense of humor makes it an excellent read.


  1. A short history of nearly everything - by Bill Bryson


While reading each and every chapter I felt as if I am actually witnessing it. For example, while reading the first chapter I thought I am actually watching the birth of the universe and then in the next chapter I was sitting on Pluto and watching everything in the universe pass by…


The book is fast-paced. It covers everything from the universe, cells, chemistry, dinosaurs, birds, evolution, volcanoes and a lot more... 


  1. Physics of the impossible


Adjoining is a picture taken by Hubble telescope. It shows thousands of galaxies that surround us. Each one having millions of stars and planets. There is a high probability that there is life somewhere in those 100+ billion galaxies. Is there anyone living far away who evolved as we did? Since Earth is a newborn compared to other galaxies is it possible that the life existing there is much more advanced and have also figured out the radio frequencies, space travel and what not? 

Would it ever be possible to contact them? 


There were so many things tagged as impossible a century ago, such as man on the moon. There are many we still tag as impossible such as space travel and tele-transportation. 

Ironically the word impossible itself says I am possible ;-).


The famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku talks about these impossible things and how far scientists are in cracking the code in his book 'Physics of the impossible'.


Do you think a billion years from now humans will be hopping from planet to planet, populating (and polluting) everywhere around? One can only wonder or then read what these brilliant minds have to say!



Friday, July 16, 2021

Stranger Anxiety?

I do not have an ounce of stranger anxiety. When I am at parties/ around new people - on most occasions I end up talking to everyone around and often get asked: "Do you know them?"

And I wonder why would I want to know someone to talk to them? To think of it, for me, it is the other way round... I can easily talk to people I don't know but if I am not talking to someone means I know them too well :-)

I think you get the gist ;-)

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Great songs

 When you lose someone and you know you are never going to get them back

When you know you are going to spend the rest of your life walking around with a hole in your heart 

Asking yourself do I even wanna be here

That’s the kind of pain great songs are made of

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Pain and Pleasure

I feel anything that we want to achieve depends on what we associate pain and pleasure with. What do you do to get pleasure, to feel good?

Let's take an example, there is a group of people who want to achieve health and weight loss but the success of that will depend on what they think pain or pleasure is. Some of them will say 'to feel good I watch TV, I eat, drink alcohol, go to parties and for some, the very same things would be painful, they will say 'to feel good we go to the gym, hiking, biking, do social service, we create, we learn, dance, sing...'.

Not hard to figure out who amongst them will lose weight and achieve health easily so I guess the easy way to achieve goals is how to take the steps to achieve things pleasurable.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Some Thoughts


  1. I don't know what people think of or regret when they are on a deathbed but I am pretty sure that they do not say 'oh I wish I had spent more time at the office' or 'I wish I had bought a bigger house'. My guess is their only thoughts are of the loved ones and wanting more time with them and/or not having done what they were passionate about.

  2. I like pulled more than pushed... meaning... I don't do or like doing things when I am pushed to do them, I do and enjoy doing things when I feel pulled towards them. Boy, I am glad that we are not pushed by the air to stay on the ground but are pulled by gravity.

  3. If perfection is what I was looking for then I wouldn't have started this blog, it is miles away from being perfect. But here is the thing 'a plan executed imperfectly now is better than a plan executed meticulously never', there is no perfect time in the future, all we have is now. Stop calling it a dream and start calling it a plan.