Saturday, December 28, 2019

Idiot Box: Part 9


It is a time travel show that is very light on science. Hundreds of years in our future, humanity is endangered and the survivors have learned to send their consciousness into their past, the 21st century. They then take over people’s bodies in order to carry out missions that will hopefully prevent humankind’s tragic fate. It is fun and freaky. 4/5.

American Vandal

American Vandal is a comedy series that satirizes true-crime shows. While most such shows are built around murders, the crime, in this case, is vandalism: penises are spray-painted on a row of teacher's cars. Those penises are shown over and over again and discussed at length, in silly ways, of course. Despite the language and vulgarity, this series is pretty sharp, sending up true-crime reportage by imitating it. Very different and off-beat show. 4/5.


LOVED the first season and then it just got boring and tiring from season 2 onwards. 2/5.

Classic Legends/ Golden Years By Javed Akhtar

This documentary series explores the glamour of Bollywood through the stories of the men and women who have illuminated its screens. And as the name suggests it is based on the classic (black and white era) legends and the golden years of Bollywood. 5/5.


This show is about serial killers, their mentality and why they do what they do. How does the police find out clues/ patterns if the murder was committed by a serial killer and who his/her next victim will be? There is more chatter than splatter on the show (unlike Dexter). I found it just too slow, however, it is very well-reviewed and received TV show. 2/5.

The Five

A thriller that has many cupboards all filled with skeletons, if you know what I mean. 4/5.

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