Saturday, January 18, 2020

9 books that stayed with me

75% of the parents want their children to start reading books for fun, but I think mostly those pick up the habit of it at an early age who see their family read books for fun. You can not tell the children ‘eat healthy food’ or exercise, they are simply following you, as the phrase goes ‘raise yourself before you raise your kids’. I started reading because that is what I saw my family members do and reading is contagious.

There are a lot of benefits of reading - reading boosts brain power, it helps you to relax, it makes you more empathetic, it can help you sleep better, it obviously gives knowledge, what I also like about reading is I get to live a different life that I wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. Reading is definitely one of my first and foremost passions. The books that I read have a large part to play in defining the person that I am today (even more than the people in my life).

If I had to select the books that I loved it will be a very long list, so I decided to write a post on 9 books that influenced me and my reading patterns over the years. The post turned out to be very long too so I decided to post it in parts.

To be continued...

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Idiot Box: Part 11

  Reviewing TV shows -

Counterpart - Too slow, gave up halfway. Dark is a far better show (based on a similar theme). 1/5.

Mr. Robot Loved the first season then it got boring and tiring. 2/5.

The Middle Hilarious. I have seen all seasons and laughed out loud in every episode. 4/5.

Blackish Great theme, bad actors, it needs better actors with better chemistry. Some shows were laughing out loud funny but again needs better actors. 3/5.

The Missing Heart wrenching. 5/5.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Idiot Box: Part 10

Reviewing TV shows. You can see the earlier parts here - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7,

Master of none

Witty, intelligent, funny, extraordinary. 5/5.

13 reasons why

I have already reviewed it here.

Big Little Lies

It is a glossy, very well made, mystery melodrama. I love it. 5/5.

The Crown

I know everyone is going gaga over 'the crown' but I don't understand why. Is there anything extraordinary that the queen did so the viewer needs to see a tv show based on her life? I didn't find her life interesting. 2/5.

The Handmaid's Tale

Astounding, marvelous, superb, no television event has hit such a nerve. 5/5.

The end of the F***ing World

I did not like it. 1/5.

 Blue dress

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Idiot Box: Part 9



It is a time travel show that is very light on science. Hundreds of years in our future, humanity is endangered and the survivors have learned to send their consciousness into their past, the 21st century. They then take over people’s bodies in order to carry out missions that will hopefully prevent humankind’s tragic fate. It is fun and freaky. 4/5.

American Vandal

American Vandal is a comedy series that satirizes true-crime shows. While most such shows are built around murders, the crime, in this case, is vandalism: penises are spray-painted on a row of teacher's cars. Those penises are shown over and over again and discussed at length, in silly ways, of course. Despite the language and vulgarity, this series is pretty sharp, sending up true-crime reportage by imitating it. Very different and off-beat show. 4/5.


LOVED the first season and then it just got boring and tiring from season 2 onwards. 2/5.

Classic Legends/ Golden Years By Javed Akhtar

This documentary series explores the glamour of Bollywood through the stories of the men and women who have illuminated its screens. And as the name suggests it is based on the classic (black and white era) legends and the golden years of Bollywood. 5/5.


This show is about serial killers, their mentality and why they do what they do. How does the police find out clues/ patterns if the murder was committed by a serial killer and who his/her next victim will be? There is more chatter than splatter on the show (unlike Dexter). I found it just too slow, however, it is very well reviewed and received TV show. 2/5.

The Five

A thriller that has many cupboards all filled with skeletons, if you know what I mean. 4/5.

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Matters of the Food

  1. Chew your food: eat and not swallow your food. The more you chew, the more satisfied you would be by the end of your meal. It also helps in digestion and absorption of nutrients.

2. Serve smaller portions. Eat often but lesser portions. Eat every 2 hours.

3. Eat Fruits, Nuts, and Veggies. 

4. Fill your kitchen with healthy snacks. I don't keep any chips/soda/chocolates and such at home to avoid temptation.

5. Learn to say No! - My mother has a rule - finish whatever is served on the plate, which I followed for many years. Now, if I am full I put the leftover in the fridge. I have learned to say No. To myself and to others too. Once you are full, you are full, no matter what...and that is the only rule one should follow.

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Idiot Box: Part 8

You can see the earlier parts here - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Black Mirror

More seasons of Black Mirror are out and it is at its best, it provokes discussion, though often less about technological developments and more about the fallibility of human nature. 5/5.

Stranger Things

'Stranger things' is definitely the best Netflix original. There are only 8 episodes in each season, it has a terrific sense of mystery, the nostalgia of the 80s is glorious, the casting is superb, humor and thriller is mind-boggling. 5/5.


Originally a German series that you can watch with English subtitles. There are a lot of characters to keep track of in this show, which is one of the key challenges in the initial episodes, it inevitably sucks you in regardless. Dark is a mystery-box show through and through, complete with secrets and surprising twists and cliffhangers that put a cap on each episode while enticing you to immediately open the bottle of the next one. But at the same time it is a complicated story, just hang in there for the first few episodes and everything will start to make sense. 5/5.

Death in paradise

As with many cop procedurals, there's an element of 'comfort food' about Death in Paradise. You know what you're going to get: the murder, the impossibility, the dogged legwork by the police officers, and then – usually just as it seems the case is uncrackable – the Detective Inspector sees or hears something that sparks a synapse or two… and he knows who did it. Gathering all the suspects in the best way, he explains it all. Chances are pretty good that if you're concentrating, you can get there ahead of the team – the way the murders are filmed nearly always contains some important clue – but even if you're half-asleep, you're led by the hand through the evidence. 4/5.

Planet Earth

This is a must-watch show. Filmed on animals, jungles, rainforests, deserts, and pole to pole, it just makes one realize how beautiful planet earth is and how we are destroying it (I feel Earth will survive no matter what we do, but in the process, it will destroy us, so it is wrong when people say we are destroying Earth, Earth is quite strong and robust to be destroyed, all we are doing is destroying ourselves). 5/5.


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